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We aim to become

one of the best

in the field of

the research and development

of Forex trading techniques

and training.



I am proud to share with you the great news that Forex Masters has received several international nominations and awards in the last 4 years for being :



The Best Forex Training Company


in South Africa.



In January 2019 I received an award from HotForex as their "Most Valuable Affiliate" in South Africa.





I'd like to share some background on myself:


I first became involved in Financial Services in 1991. The period 1993 - 2002 I worked for First National Bank as a Financial Consultant (Broker).


I started with Forex Trading while still in the service of First National Bank in 2001.


When I became involved in forex trading, it did not took me long to realize the wonderful opportunity that forex trading gives you to work for yourself. So I quit First National Bank at the end of February 2002 in order to make forex trading my full time career.


I attended several forex training courses only to realize afterwards that the contents was pure junk and did not help me at all to become a successful trader. This forced me to do my own research. Since 2001 I have done a lot of research on forex trading and invested more than R100,000.00 in my own personal training (buying courses, forex books and material, forex trading software, forex systems and forex signals). Thousands of hours were spend researching trading techniques and on the development and testing of new trading techniques and trading systems.


In 2003 I had the opportunity to trade forex managed accounts for a company. We were a team of 3 traders who traded 24 hours per day 5 days per week. In the absence of one of the team members the other two had to stand in for this person. At times I traded up to 18 hours per day. In this time I continued with my research.


Over time I have developed my own unique way of interpreting and predicting market movements with which we can predict market movements with a fairly high level of accuracy.


It is these concepts that I teach my clients. Some send me feedback with an over 90% accuracy on their trades.


The result below was provided to me one week after training by Pierre Pienaar on 27/09/2018. He completed 266 trades with a 96.62 accuracy. This is really impressive.



By looking at results like this you can clearly see that it cannot be the result of using random concepts. You will not easily find trading concepts of this level of accuracy and quality anywhere else!


Due to requests for help from people who struggled with their trading, I made the decision to start with training in 2004.


In Sept. 2008 I had the opportunity of training some of Capital Builder Investments' traders in Port-Elizabeth in my trading methods, whereafter they invited Forex Masters to associate with them. I have been working with CBI as a senior trading adviser from 2008 - 2012.


I still spend countless of hours doing research because it is an activity I thoroughly enjoy. I am also very busy with training at times and have trained well over 600 people mostly in one to one training sessions so far.


In December 2019 we moved to a new venue at 968 15th Avenue, Wonderboom South, Pretoria, with better facilities for training.


968 15th Avenue 


968 15th Avenue 


I am convinced our clients will enjoy the training experience even more in a relaxed environment and atmosphere.



If you want to make a success of your trading career, you should seriously consider it to come to Forex Masters for training!


Johan van As


More info on the Forex Masters Training.



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Our Mission


FOREX MASTERS aims to become one of the leaders in the field of the training and preparation of people for Forex trading.


We have studied what differentiates successful traders from everyone else. We have taken our knowledge of “what works” and developed the FX Masters Course with the purpose of giving our students an advantage in the highly skilled field of Forex trading.


FOREX MASTERS may help you to build a foundation for a career / hobby in currency trading.


Training Courses (three days) are presented every week in Pretoria and on request in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or elsewhere. Follow-up sessions are also available.


NB: The most costly courses are not always the best. You may be surprised at how low our training fee for the forex trading course is, compared to other companies. We would rather see that you use the money you saved on the course fees towards your live trading so that you can earn money for yourself.




Please read what students said about the training:




Christo de Klerk :


It is the best course and material I have ever seen or attended.


The organisation, presentation and contents of the course is thorough, detailed and user-friendly. I could not ask for better, really excellent.


World class.





Benter Okello :


Dear Johan


I hope you are well. I would like to give you some update on my trading. It has improved a lot since I last came for my refresher training. I managed to catch 234 pips on GBP USD (6 trades) between last Monday 2 April and yesterday 10 April. I am still using small lot sizes but it is quite gratifying to see all my trades in positive.


My sincere gratitude for your support. I am hoping to be in touch again soon with even better news.


Kindest regards







Leovigildo S. Mandlate :


This is my testimony:


First I will thank God for allowing me to give this testimony, and thank Him for giving Johan the knowledge to share to us to make good money out of the Forex market.


Thanks to his knowledge I am able to make more than 100 pips per day, in each month I am able to make more than 50% of my account equity. I started with 400 USD before getting into the training and I was losing and gaining but stuck at the same level and lower, but since I went to train with Johan in 2 months with consistency I gained more than 400% of my account's initial deposit.


Thank you


Leovigildo S. Mandlate







Jackson Mangena:


I have been applying your methods since I completed the training and tested it personally. I must confess that the level of accuracy your methods produce is out of this world! For the first time I experience profitable trades consistently.


Thank you and happy trading! 






Pieter Marx:


At first glance Forex trading appears to be very easy until you try to do it yourself!


I read books and studied different methods and thought that I am going to be the first person to crack the code, only to discover trading is much more complicated than I originally thought. I experienced the one disaster after the other.


I then came upon Johan's training. Johan acted as a mentor to me. His course was full of facts and his knowledge unbelievable. He taught me methods with which to interpret the markets accurately. At first I struggled to implement it and thought that I had wasted my money. However, Johan’s support was the best I could have asked for, he was always calm and helpful.


All in all the training was a great experience and worth every cent. I shall recommend Johan to anyone who is interested in learning to trade.






Craig Futter:




I had a wonderful time over the three days. I learned a lot and as Johan says it is intensive, but extremely worthwhile. I found Johan to be an excellent teacher and that the course is well paced. It is very interesting to listen to Johan’s experiences in dealing with the Forex world and everything that it involves. I highly recommend doing as much of your own research beforehand so that the training is some what easier.


First Day of Trading on the Demo:


I placed my first ever successful trades today, which is only the 2nd day after trading by myself. I just followed the rules and the results followed. What I was taught and the trading opportunity I looked out for were exactly the same thing, which speaks volumes about the quality of training I received from Johan. Hopefully I can continue implementing the techniques taught by Johan.






Paul Dias:


My trading it's getting better daily and on a whole 80% of my trades are successful - I'm amazed how precise your methods that you taught me are - soon I'm going to do live trading and will contact you first to get some advice on who to sign up with.


These are 2 screen shots of a weeks trading using what you have taught me - the proof is in the pudding.


If you use ALL of the variables and rules as a WHOLE -

then good trades start happening!







The trading is going very well thank you.


I am mainly making use of the bollinger bands and stochastics, and the BB technique you taught me is fantastic, it definitely helps in figuring out market bias. I basically trade at major daily support and resistance areas and I build into and out of my positions with multiple tiny, tiny slices. This makes it safer as the market makers love stopping people out and then pushing price in the direction you originally thought.


I started with $1000 on June 23rd and I am now on $5830. So it has been going well :)


I am also trading a lot of the exotics as I find they move really well.




Robyn made a fabulous $4,830.00 profit in less than 2 months! 

This is equal to approximately R51,747.20









I'd like to thank you for your support you gave me through my struggle to master your trading methods. Now I start to get the rewards.


It was not easy but if you believe in your methods and stay out of fear and greed, and can become patient and disciplined you can certainly make a lot of money.


The best part of your methods that gave me a lot of money is the bb patterns, especially the strong trend and trend in one hour timeframes.


Once again thank you. Now I will start to refer others to you if they like to get involved in forex.


From: your student

Thokozani Dubazane








Good morning Johan.


I've been trading in the past 2 to 3 weeks and have just started with the real money last week. So far I've managed to retain my capital and making little profits in both accounts (Demo and Real).


I'm confident that soon I'll be stable and consistent in applying your trading methods very well. I find setting 'stop losses(sl)' and sometimes 'taking profits(tp)' lines very helpful soon after getting into a trade. I set my targets and limits for each trade and try to stick to them without getting too greedy and emotional. My only weakness at the moment is getting into trades late and getting out tool late but I'm busy working on it.


Once again, thank you very much. I've played around and I'm now convinced that the methods you taught me are without any doubt spot on. From now on my focus will be on growing my 'real money' account.


Mos Maja








Hi Johan,


Just to let you know, I am successfully making pips using your system. To be honest, I paid for training before in the UK and though it gave me some basic insights, it still didn’t leave me able and confident to trade.


Using your system, I am making steady profits,

just this morning 12% of my live account.


Thank you very much for teaching me this.


Best regards,


Mark Hotson








Dear Mr Johan van As


I hereby wish to thank you for the excellent training course you presented to me in December 2011.


I have been able to double my account size every month since I started with the trading 3 months ago.


Thank you very, very much.


Louwrens Smit








To whom this may concern


It is with great pleasure that I can vouch for Forex Masters with regards to the training I received on Forex Trading.


As far as I am concerned, no book, computer program, online training system or any other method of training can compare to the system that has been developed by the Forex Masters team over the last few years. I have seen other systems - even paid money like most others on other training and I guess I can just say that luck was on my side due to the fact that I got to Forex Masters just in time, avoiding having to pay any more money on any other training system.


It is a unique system that puts together all indicators in such a unique way - one almost cannot believe that it is not yet the next best kept secret in the world. I have seen and also experienced success with this unique system.


Thank you to Forex Masters - your years of determination has certainly paid off and others like myself has certainly made the best investment.


Nick van Niewenhuyzen






Forex Training


Learning to trade forex can be a memorable experience or a waste of money and time. To learn forex trading properly you must choose a good reputable forex training course.


Paulo and myself have done many. Need I say how much money has been wasted on courses that promise to teach you exactly how to make pips and in the end it's just the same once again.


Approximately 2 - 5% of all people that do forex training will make money on the markets.


There is many courses out there from scalping to day trading. Depending on your personality and trading style, but most teach both and even have their own forex trading strategies, some supply forex signals and their own forex software.


Things that I see as important in any course is the Sociology factor and money management as if you have a good sound money management principals and you implement it, it will save you from losing your entire account. Secondly you yourself will become your greatest obstacle in trading the fear of losing the emotions that go along with it, you must be able to control it as draw downs is part of trading they will be there and you are going to experience them.


Even if you are going to trade with expert advisor's you still need good basic's. Its important


The 2 courses that made a great difference to my trading is Rob Booker and Johan van As.


What Rob Booker taught me was excellent even his strategy worked very good. I traded it for a long time with good results.


But we wanted a second method as we just do not want to count on only one trading strategy (spread your risk) so we came across Johan van As. Now this guy gave us references and telephone numbers of people he had trained. We contacted every one of them. Out of 20 only 1 person was not happy. So we did his course. To be very honest he taught us a strategy that not only changed the way we saw the markets but also changed our trading style. We have traded this strategy with great success for over 2 years.


Alf Grobler





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Risk Disclosure: Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.


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