MBCFX is one of the most respected online Forex trading firms in the industry.


We offer you State-of-the Art online trading platforms, Meta Trader 4, MBCFX Advanced Platform, and Inter-Bank Currenex platform.


You can trade online Forex, Spot Oil, Spot Gold, Spot Silver, Futures & Commodities, Equities, and Energy.


MBCFX and its talent staff are committed to provide innovative currency trading technology, fair dealing practices, and excellent customer service. We promise that we provide you with the tools you need to compete in today's financial markets.






Why Trade With MBCFX?



MBCFX advantages


Retail Account

Institutional Account


- No Dealing Desk


- 24 hr streaming

  price with 

  competitive bid/ask

- transparent


- 24 hr multilingual 

  customer support



- Forex

- Futures

- Commodities

- Options

- Oil

- Gold

- Silver


- Minimum deposit 1000 USD

- Spreads as little as 2 pips

- Trade on Metatrader
or MBCFX Advanced Platform



- Minimum Deposit

  100,000 USD

- Variable Spreads

  as little as 0 pips

- Trade on


   or Currenex









Forex Trading


Trade 7 majors on 2 pips Spread


MBCFX offers very competitive spreads; our clients can trade on tight spreads in major currencies and crosses, 24 hours a day. Spreads are 2 pips on 7 major currency pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, EUR/CHF, and EUR/GBP.


Instantaneous auto trade executions


MBCFX has no dealing desk ensuring integrity, transparency and consistent better execution. We are committed to execute your order on the prices you see (under certain and normal market conditions).


State-of-the-art trading platforms


free easy-to-use MetaTrader 4 platform, MBCFX Adavanced, and Currenex


Flexible lot sizes


You are not restricted to trading in standard lot sizes.


Risk management in real time


Our platform monitors and controls risk exposure in real time. Based on your margin requirement, it calculates funds needed to retain current open positions and resources available for new positions or for adding to existing open positions.


Hedging capability


You have complete control over whether you close or hedge your positions to reduce risk. You can run multiple positions for each currency pair which can be individually selected for closing.


24-hour Internet, telephone trading


Access Inter-bank FX prices ensuring price integrity, transparency and consistent liquidity.


24 hour personalized customer service


our experienced and qualified people are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide you assistance in your native language.



Futures Trading


Futures markets are the meeting places of buyers and sellers of an expanding list of commodities that includes and not limited to, metals, energy, petroleum, financial instruments, foreign currencies, stock indexes, and agricultural products.


Why Futures?


The motivations of futures market participants can be divided into two broad categories: hedging, seeking to reduce the risk associated with owning the commodity or financial instrument underlying a futures contract; and speculating, seeking to profit from price changes in those contracts over time. Both approaches contribute to fair and orderly markets.


Hedging / Risk offsetting


For investors who are exposed to the price fluctuation of a commodity or financial instrument, futures provide a way to manage risk. By taking the opposite position in futures, investors can mitigate the impact of movements against the value of their assets.


Example: An oil producer who owns oil (he is long oil) hedges with a short oil futures position (to short something is to sell it). The futures position acts as a temporary substitute for the transaction the producer must enter into a later time in the cash market. . Further, if Oil prices fall, he will suffer a loss on his cash market sale; the loss, however, will be offset by a corresponding gain in the futures market.


Speculation in Futures


Trading futures allows speculators to outlay less money than would be needed to purchase the underlying asset, usually between five and fifteen percent of its total value. As a result, speculators can control more of the underlying and potentially gain greater profits from price swings. In attempting to capitalize on price fluctuations, speculators provide market liquidity, which in turn lowers transaction costs and determines a reliable price for the commodity or financial instrument. This liquidity and price stabilization reduces risk for the marketplace overall.


Margin Requirements


While offering the possibility of greater profits, this leverage can also work against the speculator by allowing losses greater than the initial margin deposited. If the price of a futures position goes against the speculator, the exchange may require a deposit of additional funds to maintain it. If the price does not rebound, the speculator would lose more than his initial investment.





Basic Options


It is always important to understand what the financial instrument is before deciding to trade it. What is an option, specifically what is a call, what is a put? Who is the Holder or Buyer? And who is the writer or seller?


An option is a contract between two parties. The purchaser, also known as the holder, buyer, or owner, is long the position. The option buyer pays money for the right to buy or the right to sell a futures contract. Conversely, the seller, also known as the writer or grantor, is short the position. The Option seller accepts money to take on an obligation. The option seller must Buy or must sell a particular futures contract if ordered to do so (assigned) by the option buyer.

  1. The buyer of an option has acquired a right.

  2. The seller of an option has taken on an obligation.

Calls and puts there are two types of futures options: calls and puts

  1. A futures call option conveys to the call buyer the right to buy the underlying futures contract at a set price (the strike price) until the option expires.

  2. A futures call option conveys to the call seller the obligation to sell the underlying futures contract at a set price (the strike price) until the option expire

  3. A futures put option conveys to the put buyer the right to sell (take a short position in) the underlying futures contract until the option expires

  4. A futures put option conveys to the put seller the obligation to buy the underlying futures contract until the option expires and if the put owner exercises his right.

A call option is the right to buy a futures contract at a set price within a set time. A put option is the right to sell a futures contract at a set price within a set time. The buyer of an option contract pays the seller a premium (money) to accept obligation under the contract.

During a specified (shorter) period prior to its expiration; typically from one to five business days, the option holder (a put or call buyer) has three choices. The holder may:

  1. exercise the option (i.e., use it to purchase or sell the underlying futures contract);

  2. let the option expire (i.e., the buyer forfeits the premium paid to the seller); or

  3. Sell the option contract before it expires.


Holder (Buyer)

Writer (Seller)

Call Option

Right to buy

Obligation to sell

Put Option

Right to sell

Obligation to buy



Gold & Silver


Spot Gold Trading


Through our state-of-the-art Meta Trader 4 trading platform, you can buy and sell Spot gold and other commodities in just one click.


Start Trading Gold with MBCFX:


One of the main advantages of trading spot gold is that you can short sell, which means that you can benefit from a falling market.


You buy (go long) if you think prices will rise and you sell (go short) if you think they will fall.


Another great advantage of spot trading is leverage.


Unlike the bullion market, traders can enter the gold futures market with a relatively small capital thanks to margin trading opportunities provided by brokerage firms.


Also, when trading gold, you benefit from a greater liquidity which in turn provides accurate real-time prices.


Spot Silver Trading


Experienced traders and speculators know better and are quietly getting their hands on the silver trading market.


Indeed, as one of the most volatile major commodities, silver is becoming increasingly popular with all types of traders.


With MBCFX, you too can become a savvy trader and take advantage of a thriving market.


Through its user-friendly and sophisticated trading system, MBCFX gives you the opportunity to buy and sell silver spot contracts at very tight spreads.


You also have access to a complete of trading tools to make informed decisions.


Trading silver spot as opposed to physical silver is a relatively new opportunity in the world of financial investment and has extraordinary potential, so take advantage of it with MBCFX.


Start Trading Silver with MBCFX


Take advantage of those unique qualities with a world leader in online silver spot trading. MBCFX provides you with full support and all the tools you need to make wise decisions concerning silver.


Via our state-of-the-art trading platform, you can trade silver as well as gold and other commodities and track your position in the easiest way.





Spot Crude Oil Trading


As one of the most potentially profitable financial markets in the world, online crude oil trading is becoming increasingly popular with all types of traders and speculators.


Due to their price transparency and extreme liquidity, crude oil contracts are used as main international pricing benchmarks. Crude oil futures (and options) are also a good way for companies in the energy industry - on the production side as well as on the consumption side –to hedge their price risk and protect themselves against adverse price movements.




Due to a record demand for oil throughout the world, increasing political tensions surrounding Iran’s nuclear program and various other global and local issues, crude oil prices have been breaking new records on a quasi-daily basis. In recent years, the high volatility of crude futures has made crude oil trading an investment with an extremely interesting potential return.


Start Trading Spot Crude Oil with MBCFX


MBCFX allows you to trade spot oil in the most convenient and efficient way on MetaTrader 4 platform, with competitive spread. Online Crude oil trading on our platform is facilitated by a complete set of technical tools which you can add to real-time charts and graphs. So don't wait any longer


To learn more about trading oil and to step into the world's most important commodity market and take advantage of the benefits that go together with a leading oil spot broker.



Energy Derivatives


MBCFX provides a full advisory and post-trade service on all Crude Oil and Crude Product Instruments


MBCFX Mini Rolling Spot Oil Contract


You can now trade a mini rolling spot oil contract on our FX trading platforms. This contract is an OTC contract ¼ of the size of the standard ICE Brent future and can be traded between 09.15 and 19.30 London time.


Margin Requirements


Margin requirements are 1%, the contract size is 250 barrels and the tick size is $2.50.




The contract is rolled on a monthly basis at the settlement of the front spread of the ICE Brent contract at the day before expiry.


Exchange Traded Derivatives during and outside exchange hours

  • Access to ICE Brent Crude and Gas Oil Exchange Options, during and outside exchange hours

  • Access to NYMEX WTI Crude, Heating Oil and Gasoline Exchange Options, during and outside exchange hours

  • Execution-only and advisory services offering trading strategies covering all risk profiles

  • Novice and experienced traders welcome

  • Full technical analysis available by qualified technicians

Structured OTC Products


MBCFX partners have strong relationships with all Energy OTC market participants, ranging from AAA rated financial institutions and major oil companies through to upstream/downstream physical hedgers and speculative traders


Derivative instruments available on the following:

Brent Crude and the following products

- 0.2 Gasoil


- Jet

- Fuel Oil

WTI Crude and the following products

- Gasoline

- Heating Oil


Structured strategies including options (Asian and American style) - exotic options and swaps



MBCFX Pamphlet


MBCFX Demo account application


MBCFX Live account application




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Risk Disclosure: Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.


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