Trade.Berry is a new idea in Social Trading


which will allow you to make even more money


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Trade.Berry is registered in Cyprus with a CySec Licence and a unique trading platform.



What is trade.Berry






Trade.Berry is a new Broker that comes with a different vision inside the online trading industry. The concept is to create a large community of traders that can interact with each other, share opinions or even copy their trades without any interferences from the company or from outside sources.


The trading platform was designed from square one and it is unique from all points of view. it integrates social trading, copy trading, sharing of analyses and a 5 level deep Rebate plan like never seen before in this industry.


We understand how important is to have an objective opinion and how this can completely change an investment decision. And by “We”, we mean a whole new community that is eager to read each technical instrument you draw on a chart.


• Broadcast your fundamental or technical analysis to a wide audience.

• Gain recognition and improve your ranking within the community by making the right scenarios.

• Become visible to the media and establish partnerships.

• Control your audience. Share premium content with premium users.


Everything about your trading behaviour will be visible to the community and any member can send you a copy trading request. Next, you have the possibility to negotiate a commission that you, as a trader, will receive from the net profit of your client’s copied trades.  


The entire community will be interested in every move you make and will be eager to follow you. You will stop thinking about how to attract audience and you will only do what you love most, trading.


As I said, we can't wait to have you in our community because we all depend on your trading skills. I know that for you, as a trader, what truly matters is the technology behind the platform and I can assure you this is the best in the industry at the moment.



There are 4 ways in which you can generate extra income at Trade.Berry.



1.      Trade your own account.



You can generate profits by trading your own account.



2.      Trade as a Social Trader.



If you trade successfully, you can register as a trader on their social trading platform.


·         Not all people are successful traders or have the time to spend trading, so they are desperately on the lookout for somebody else to trade their accounts for them.


·         Trade.Berry will publish your trading results on their website where other traders can see it.


·         If they are impressed with your results they will link their accounts to yours and your trades will be duplicated on their accounts.


·         You will now earn commission on every trade you do on behalf of your clients.


·         Social Trading is a 100% legal concept and as there is no personal contact between you and any of the clients who linked to you, nobody can take you to court if you made a mistake and suffered some losses.



3. Link to a successful Social Trader.


You can always link your account to one or more successful Social Traders if you do not have the ability (knowledge or skill) or time to trade.


Their trades will be duplicated on your account and if they made a profit you will see a profit on your account as well.


You may switch between different traders at any time to get the best results on your account.



4.    Act as Introducing Broker.


If you refer your friends and other people to Trade.Berry, you will get a commission on all trades they do.



Explaining the Trade.Berry Rebate Plan:






This can be a safe source of extra income: It does not matter if your clients will make a profit or loss, you will get your commission on every single trade they have done. This will generate a passive income for you for years to come, or at least for as long as your clients are actively trading at Trade.Berry or are using it for the benefit of the social trading.


As you may well know we are not trading for free. The Fx Brokers takes a small commission on every trade you do. This is known as the pipspread (it is the difference between the Buy and Sell price). This is the main source of income for the brokers and allows them to operate as a Fx brokerage.


In order to attract more clients a brokerage will pay people marketing them (known as Introducing Brokers) a small % of the pipspread. Normally the commission will be between 10% and 30% of the pipspread.


Trade.Berry is paying 35% to 50% of the commission on all trades done by clients to their Introducing Brokers!


This is not all, they have decided to do the marketing on a network system.


Any person who opened a live trading account with a minimum of $500.00 can register as an Introducing Broker or Marketer. You will then be allowed to market Trade.Berry to friends, family and other people (your level A) and earn up to 50% of the pipspread on all trades they do!


If they (your level A) invite other people (their level A and your level B) to joint Trade.Berry, they will earn 50% of the commission on all trades done by these people, and you will also earn commission on these trades, although it will be a smaller commission.


The system is working over 5 levels and up to70% of all commission will be shared between participants. The 30% of the commission is more than enough for Trade.Berry to do well.


Trade.Berry is sharing up to 70% of the the commission generated by traders who are trading between the introducing brokers.


As long as there are people who are actively trading in order to generate an income, they will receive the commission on every trade and share it with you.


This can generate a passive income of massive proportions for you with absolutely no risk. It does not matter if a client made a profit or lost some money, you will get your commission on all trades done by every single client in the system below you up to a maximum of 5 levels!


Naturally people will stop to trade if they are losing money and your income will dwindle and can come to a stand still. In order to prevent this Trade.Berry is providing valuable information to clients about market conditions and possible trade opportunities so that they (the clients) can generate more profit and you can generate even more income!


In order to make the most of the system it is important that everybody will try to attract as many clients as possible in order to generate maximum profit for all.




This is a win win situation for everybody that is involved!




What if somebody does not know how to trade or do not have the time to trade, but still would like to become involved?



a.       They will have to apply for a live account and fund it with at least $5000.00 to be able to become part of the scheme.

b.      They can then (if they do not know how to trade or do not have the time to trade) get involved in the social trading so that successful traders can generate profit for them,

c.       They will have to market Trade.Berry to friends and other people so that they can earn the up to 70% commission on all trades done.

d.      It is always best to learn to trade yourself so that you can trade your own account and later on as a social trader the accounts of others. This way you will earn extra money.

e.       You can always consider it to come to Forex Masters for quality training!



Id like to share a few important facts:


1.      Trade.Berry do not wish to be marketed in the media with advertisements. They prefer person to person marketing.

2.      Trade.Berry is in the process of applying for a FSB liscence in South Africa,

3.    They are not using the Metrader software. They developed their own software which runs in an internet browser. No installation needed. You can still use the graphs on a MT4 to help with decision making for the trading.



Trade.Berry Online Platform Tutorial





Trade.Berry is still unknown in South Africa.


People who become involved right now will be able to build a large network under them which can potentially generate a huge passive income for them.


Do not delay to get involved. You may miss your opportunity.



Apply for a Demo / Live Trading Account:


Minimum deposit for a Live Account: $500.00

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