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and very accurate trading methods

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Forex Masters

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Forex Trading

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Forex Masters

Forex Trading Course Contents:


Day 1 :

  • Introduction to Forex Trading

  • Trading and SA Law

  • Trading and Income Tax

  • Theory of Forex Trading

  • Money Management

  • Psychology of trading

  • Setting up your computer for forex trading

  • Opening a Demo trading account

  • Theory and practice of Fundamental Analysis

Day 2 :

  • Theory and practice of Technical Analysis

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced trading techniques

  • Developing a trading system

Day 3 :

  • Developing a trading system Advanced

  • Using Fibonacci & Channels

  • Demo Trading



Included in the course:

  • Personal Attention

  • Quality Instruction

  • 3 Days of intensive training

  • Opening of a Demo Trading Account

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced trading techniques

  • Lots of practice on a computer

  • Forex Trading Manual

  • Various E-Books on Forex trading

  • Computer Software

  • Refreshments

  • Course presented in English or Afrikaans according to your language preference.

  • Follow up sessions and online backup services are avalable

  • Help with opening of a live trading account

(Study material only available in English)




Forex Trading Courses:



Venue:     968 15th Ave, Wonderboom South, Pretoria

GPS Co-ordinates: -25.696809° 28.209947°


Dates:     Courses on request - book your dates!

Duration: 3 Days

Time:      08:00 - 17:00 Daily



  • One-to-One Training -           R15,000.00 per person.

  • Groups of 5 and more -          R10,000.00 per person.

  • Bring a friend along and book a one to one training session for R12,000.00 per person. This way you will have control over who is doing the training with you.

A Deposit of R2,000.00 (non-refundable) is required to confirm your booking.



Advantage of doing the training in Pretoria:

Personal One-on-one training!


Please contact me to book available dates

for one-on-one training!





Small groups of less than 20 people

so that you can get personal attention.



Group - Feb 2021


Grouptraining - February 2021





Dates for Pretoria Grouptraining:

15 – 17 January

19 – 21 February

18 – 20 March

15 – 17 April

20 – 22 May

17 – 19 June

15 – 17 July

12 – 14 August

16 – 18 September

14 – 16 October

11 – 13 November

Please book in time

as I can take only a limited number of people per training session.



Venues for Grouptraining:


Pretoria, Cape Town, Port-Elizabeth, East London,

Durban, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg

and other places


I need a minimum of 5 people

to be able to present a course in any one of these venues.


Dates:    Courses on request - book your dates!

Duration: 3 Days

Time:     08:00 - 17:00 Daily

Cost:     R10,000.00 per person for Group Training.



One to One Training


Please contact me for available dates for One to One training.


 Venue for One to One Training:


 968 15th Ave, Wonderboom South, Pretoria



Please note:


All course fees must be paid in full

before the start of the training.



Special Offer: Organise a course

and get your own training for FREE!


If you can get at least 5 people to sign up for training

you will get your own training for free!


Please contact Johan for more information.

Cellphone +27 83 707 2952




What makes the FX Masters Forex Masters Trading Course

different from other courses?



You know the saying:


"The proof of the pudding is in the eating."



Please look at the accuracy with which my clients are trading:


You will realise that it is totally impossible to get results like this without high quality trading concepts and a good understanding of market movements.


Demo trading accounts of Forex Masters Clients


The result below was provided to me by Motshidisi Moeti on 01/06/2023. She completed 114 trades with a 88.6 % accuracy. 




The result below was provided to me by Nande Hlophekaz on 11/03/2020. He completed 347 trades with a 89.34 % accuracy. 


Demo trading account of a Forex Masters Client one week after training:


The result below was provided to me one week after training by Pierre Pienaar on 27/09/2018. He completed 266 trades with a 96.62 % accuracy.




  • Pierre completed 266 transactions.

  • 257 of the 266 transactions were successful.

  • This is a 96.62% accuracy!


Live trading account of a Forex Masters Client one week after training:


Bheki Dlamini send me this report with the results of his first 2 days of live trading.




  • Bheki completed 15 live transactions.

  • 14 of the 15 transactions were successful.

  • This is a 93.33% accuracy!

  • He made 90.8% profit on his account in 2 days!


Live trading account of a Forex Masters Client two months after training:


Riaan Grobbelaar provided me with this result on 20/09/2019


Riaan Grobbelaar







  • Riaan completed 43 live transactions.

  • 43 of the 43 transactions were successful.

  • This is a 100% accuracy!

  • He made 472% profit on his account!



Live trading account of a Forex Masters Client one and a half year after training:




  • He traded only part time in the evenings.

  • He completed 1,220 trades over a period of 18 months.

  • 1,097 of the 1,220 trades were successful.

  • This is a success rate of 89.92% over 1,220 trades done.

  • He started with a saldo of $990.00 and made $10,260.52 profit.

  • This is 1,036.4% profit in a period of 18 months!

By looking at results like these you can clearly see that this cannot be the result of using random concepts.


You will not easily find trading concepts of this level of accuracy and quality anywhere else!


These concepts are the result of many years of intensive research. We have been using these methods with a high level of accuracy and success for more than 16 years!


There is no need to try and reinvent the wheel. We have done the hard work for you. By learning these concepts you will be on an advanced level of knowledge and skill after the training.


You can get simular results!



Testimonials may not be representative of all customer experiences.

Past performance and testimonials

do not necessarily indicate future success.


Results for different clients may differ

due to factors like discipline, patience

and the ability to cope with stress.




Feedback on the course:







Nghunghunyani : (Update)

is one of my best performing students.


He says: Tell your students forex is real not gambling 










(Devanne completed the training on 13th July 2022.)

Devanne here,

I'm getting so much better.

 Out of 38 trades have 71% win rate.


From the 18th of July on a live account, i started with R100,

my live account today is on R1,715.74


I just want to thank you once again.







Goodmorning sir. How are you and the family?.


The strategy with fib levels is unbeatable .

 I started with $1000 on Monday as of today after all trades closed

I have additional $1,600 in the bag as profit.

I only traded the strategy with fibonacci .

Wasted my time over the years doing something else.







Good afternoon sir

sorry to disturb you

I just wanted to tell u so far I have made 1431 profit

I am happy with your trading patterns.









Middag Johan,


ek moes net die oomblik met jou deel-

ek het sopas my rekening vir die eerste keer verdoubel!

Baie baie dankie!!!!



Good aftenoon Johan,


I just had to share the moment with you-
i just doubled my account for the first time!

Thank you very, very much!!!!








Khotso Moshodi 's Testimony

I attended Johan 's 3 day Forex trading course in November 2012. It's now almost 8 years using Johan' method of trading(strategies)

I can confirm that strategies I learned from Johan's course are well presented and are working well. After learning and practicing Johan's method I managed to make money out of forex trading and I took a decision to quit my job in December 2013.


I'm now a full time forex trader

and I'm making a living out of forex trading.

I have gained alot of knowledge and skills about forex trading after attending Johan forex trading course

I don't regret attend his training infact I am grateful to be his product

Thank You Johan Van As

For The World Class Trading Course





Nghunghunyani :



BoyBoy is sending me his results almost every day by Whatsapp to tell me how impressed and happy he is with the quality of the training and the accuracy of his results.



Whatsapp 01











This is great!





Henry Smith :


Ek is 'moerse' impressed met wat jy vir my geleer het. Ek het die afgelope 3 maande als probeer van alle kante af. Just to see. En jou system is die beste. Time and time again.


Nou tyd om dit live toe te pas.




Henry Smith




I am extremely impressed with the concepts you taught me. I have used and tested different systems for the past 3 months.  Just to see. And your system is the best. Time and time again.


It is now time to start trading live.




Henry Smith





Christo de Klerk :


It is the best course and material I have ever seen or attended.


The organisation, presentation and contents of the course is thorough, detailed and user-friendly. I could not ask for better, really excellent.


World class.







Benter Okello :


Dear Johan


I hope you are well. I would like to give you some update on my trading. It has improved a lot since I last came for my refresher training. I managed to catch 234 pips on GBP USD (6 trades) between last Monday 2 April and yesterday 10 April. I am still using small lot sizes but it is quite gratifying to see all my trades in positive.


My sincere gratitude for your support. I am hoping to be in touch again soon with even better news.


Kindest regards







Leovigildo S. Mandlate :


This is my testimony:


First I will thank God for allowing me to give this testimony, and thank Him for giving Johan the knowledge to share to us to make good money out of the Forex market.


Thanks to his knowledge I am able to make more than 100 pips per day, in each month I am able to make more than 50% of my account equity. I started with 400 USD before getting into the training and I was losing and gaining but stuck at the same level and lower, but since I went to train with Johan in 2 months with consistency I gained more than 400% of my account's initial deposit.


Thank you


Leovigildo S. Mandlate





Phuthumani Hlope:


Good morning Johan.


This is just to thank you for the World Class training I received at Forex Masters in February this year and for your continued mentorship and guidance during the months that followed. Yesterday I caught 120 pips using your methods. 


I am excited by this improvement in my trading and would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude to you.

Thank You

Phuthumani Hlope







Gert le Grange:


You could teach yourself to trade using many online resources - drawback here is that it will take time, you will loose money, eventually loose interest and walk away from it.


You could make use of several training seminars and platforms where they give you some knowledge, always not all of the knowledge ( they want more of your hard-earned money first ) - drawback here is that it is in the actual putting together of this knowledge that will cost you time and money.


Johan will teach you a well researched, all-in-one strategy where you do not have to “pay-more-then-I-give-you-more” ( ask Johan about this research, you will be amazed )


I was and still am also pleasantly surprised by how Johan has revived the phrase “support afterwards”. Ask questions and get answers with explanations.


Thank you Johan.



Gert le Grange







Bheki Dlamini:


90% profit in 2 days!

(One week after training)



My progress has a lot to do with your great methods and the confidence that your training instilled in me.


Thank you





Jackson Mangena:


I have been applying your methods since I completed the training and tested it personally. I must confess that the level of accuracy your methods produce is out of this world! For the first time I experience profitable trades consistently.


Thank you and happy trading! 






Pieter Marx:


At first glance Forex trading appears to be very easy until you try to do it yourself!


I read books and studied different methods and thought that I am going to be the first person to crack the code, only to discover trading is much more complicated than I originally thought. I experienced the one disaster after the other.


I then came upon Johan's training. Johan acted as a mentor to me. His course was full of facts and his knowledge unbelievable. He taught me methods with which to interpret the markets accurately. At first I struggled to implement it and thought that I had wasted my money. However, Johan’s support was the best I could have asked for, he was always calm and helpful.


All in all the training was a great experience and worth every cent. I shall recommend Johan to anyone who is interested in learning to trade.






Craig Futter:




I had a wonderful time over the three days. I learned a lot and as Johan says it is intensive, but extremely worthwhile. I found Johan to be an excellent teacher and that the course is well paced. It is very interesting to listen to Johan’s experiences in dealing with the Forex world and everything that it involves. I highly recommend doing as much of your own research beforehand so that the training is some what easier.


First Day of Trading on the Demo:


I placed my first ever successful trades today, which is only the 2nd day after trading by myself. I just followed the rules and the results followed. What I was taught and the trading opportunity I looked out for were exactly the same thing, which speaks volumes about the quality of training I received from Johan. Hopefully I can continue implementing the techniques taught by Johan.






Paul Dias:


My trading it's getting better daily and on a whole 80% of my trades are successful - I'm amazed how precise your methods that you taught me are - soon I'm going to do live trading and will contact you first to get some advice on who to sign up with.


These are 2 screen shots of a weeks trading using what you have taught me - the proof is in the pudding.



If you use ALL of the variables and rules as a WHOLE -

then good trades start happening!









The trading is going very well thank you.


I am mainly making use of the bollinger bands and stochastics, and the BB technique you taught me is fantastic, it definitely helps in figuring out market bias. I basically trade at major daily support and resistance areas and I build into and out of my positions with multiple tiny, tiny slices. This makes it safer as the market makers love stopping people out and then pushing price in the direction you originally thought.


I started with $1000 on June 23rd and I am now on $5830. So it has been going well :)


I am also trading a lot of the exotics as I find they move really well.




Robyn made a fabulous $4,830.00 profit in less than 2 months! 

This is equal to approximately R51,747.20










I'd like to thank you for your support you gave me through my struggle to master your trading methods. Now I start to get the rewards.


It was not easy but if you believe in your methods and stay out of fear and greed, and can become patient and disciplined you can certainly make a lot of money.


The best part of your methods that gave me a lot of money is the bb patterns, especially the strong trend and trend in one hour timeframes.


Once again thank you. Now I will start to refer others to you if they like to get involved in forex.


From: your student

Thokozani Dubazane













I'd like to thank you for your support you gave me through my struggle to master your trading methods. Now I start to get the rewards.


It was not easy but if you believe in your methods and stay out of fear and greed, and can become patient and disciplined you can certainly make a lot of money.


The best part of your methods that gave me a lot of money is the bb patterns, especially the strong trend and trend in one hour timeframes.


Once again thank you. Now I will start to refer others to you if they like to get involved in forex.


From: your student

Thokozani Dubazane








Good morning Johan.


I've been trading in the past 2 to 3 weeks and have just started with the real money last week. So far I've managed to retain my capital and making little profits in both accounts (Demo and Real).


I'm confident that soon I'll be stable and consistent in applying your trading methods very well. I find setting 'stop losses(sl)' and sometimes 'taking profits(tp)' lines very helpful soon after getting into a trade. I set my targets and limits for each trade and try to stick to them without getting too greedy and emotional. My only weakness at the moment is getting into trades late and getting out tool late but I'm busy working on it.


Once again, thank you very much. I've played around and I'm now convinced that the methods you taught me are without any doubt spot on. From now on my focus will be on growing my 'real money' account.


Mos Maja








Dear Mr Johan van As


I hereby wish to thank you for the excellent training course you presented to me in December 2011.


I have been able to double my account size every month since I started with the trading 3 months ago.


Thank you very, very much.


Louwrens Smit







"The Forex Masters Forex Trading course is an excellent course

which may help you to get going in the competitive world of forex trading."


Jaco Pretorius





Dear Johan,


I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your time and effort to pass the knowledge of trading forex successfully and with accuracy during my training with you.


For once, I understand why I place trades unlike before when I traded blindly. And just like you pointed out, now I can know what the market will do with a higher level of probability (even though this is still subject to other factors out of human control).


I have been demo trading from the 1st of November 2011 and have executed 38 trades, and 26 have been successful out of these trades!! I must admit I broke some of  the rules in some of those losses. Greed and fear of a loss being the main reason.


I am convinced beyond doubt that with your strategy and sticking to the rules I can make this a professional job and quit my daytime job. I am going live in January 2012 and I am confident now in myself more than ever before. I think anyone (Novice or Professional) should take your course. it will mark an unbelievable  turning point in their lives; like it did for me.


Thank you and God bless you and your family.


Please feel free to use this as a recommendation for your training course.


With my best regards,







Dear Johan


I really found your forex trading course most informative and helpful. What you taught me forms the basis of my trading now. Without your training, I would never have been able to trade with the success that I have had. What is more is the support which you have given me after the course: you have always taken the time to listen or explain to me, once I started trading on my own. That is worth a lot and therefore makes your course superior in value when compared to other courses offered which charge considerably more and give considerably less.


Your system really works. What I have found is that when I depart from your trading system, I have bad results. However, as soon as I go back to what you taught me, I find I have a much greater probability for success. Trading is difficult (something you continually reminded me of), but your course has given me the edge that I need to succeed as a trader.


Please feel free to use this letter as a recommendation to others considering your FX Masters course.


Thanks once again Johan,


Ian Whyte

United Kingdom




Testimonials may not be representative of all customer experiences. Past performance and testimonials do not necessarily indicate future success.






Course fees?


One-to-One Training -           R15,000.00 per person.

Groups of 2 and more -          R10,000.00 per person.


A Deposit of R2,000.00 is required to confirm your booking.


All course fees must be paid in full

before the start of the training.




FX Masters

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